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Allegations of sexual abuse against Key Biscayne gymnastics coach resurface, prompting police investigation

Two women report historic sexual abuse, potentially reopening a closed investigation into gymnastics coach

Following a Miami Herald investigation titled "Key Biscayne’s Dark Secret," a woman stepped forward to Key Biscayne police, claiming she was sexually abused by gymnastics coach Oscar Olea 13 years ago.

This revelation, coupled with a similar report the day before, may breathe new life into a closed investigation. Both women, former students of Olea, were inspired by the Herald's findings, unveiling a disturbing pattern of alleged abuse. Key Biscayne police, who previously closed an investigation into Olea, are now reevaluating the case in light of these historical accusations.

Allegations sexual abuse resurface

The first woman, a 26-year-old former student, disclosed to reporters that she endured repeated sexual abuse 10 to 20 times from Olea between the ages of 13 and 14. Although she never filed a formal complaint at the time, she recently reported the incidents to Key Biscayne investigators.

Detective Fernando Carvajal informed her that there was enough evidence to involve the state attorney, marking a potential turning point in the case. The Chief of Police, Francis Sousa, acknowledged that past victims had come forward and emphasized collaboration with partners as they reviewed the information.

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Police reopen investigation

This marks the first instance where Key Biscayne police directly received reports from alleged victims regarding events from 2011-12, including sexual assaults. Despite recently closing an investigation into Olea concerning inappropriate behavior, language, and touching toward two young students, ages four and seven, the department now faces renewed scrutiny.

The mothers of recent young victims were present at the police station when the first victim came forward to share her story on Tuesday. Carvajal called the mother of the four-year-old after the questioning with the accuser ended. Police told her there was enough evidence to take her case back to the attorney.

The memories stirred by recent allegations prompted Olea's past students to share their experiences with the Miami Herald. While the police, in conjunction with prosecutors, initially dismissed recent allegations, reopening the case underscores the seriousness of historical accusations surfacing.

Read the complete story in Miami Herald.

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