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All You Need to Know About Covid-19 Vaccinations So You Don’t Miss Out on the Must-do things in Miami!

Miami is one of the most popular locations in all of the USA.

With Covid19 restrictions and travel bans, local tourism has undoubtedly decreased. For residents who qualify, vaccinations are important if you wish to take part in Miami’s activities and festivals during the Spring and Summer. Although there are some must-do things in Miami that you just can’t miss, you have to remember to be safe. Follow SOPs, practice social distancing, wear masks at all times— and if you can, get the vaccine. 

Here’s all the information that you’ll need about Covid19 vaccination centers in Miami, so you can start doing must-do things in Miami year-round.

What Does the Vaccine Do?

The Covid19 vaccine helps your body develop immunity to the virus and bacteria that cause Covid19. It helps your body buildup antibodies, without you having to get the illness. This means that your body is left with "memory" defensive white blood cells that will attack the virus if you ever get it.

Currently, two vaccines are being administered in the USA; Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna.

Vaccination Sites

To check if you qualify for a Covid19 vaccination, you have to visit the vaccination site and pre-register. Florida has launched a state-wide preregistration system for those over the age of 65 years. Vaccinations are also being administered to frontline health workers who come into direct contact with Covid19 patients regularly.

Those who qualify for the vaccine can pre-register by calling 305-614-2014 or clicking here. When your vaccination has been approved and its appointment time, you'll be notified.

You can check out all the vaccination centers that are offering preregistration and vaccinations over here.

Second Dose

Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine require second doses to ensure complete immunity. These doses take place a few days apart— Pfizer requires a 21 day wait, while Moderna requires a 28 day wait. The CDC recommends that the second dose be administered as close to the recommended dates as possible. However, if it isn’t possible for you to receive your dose at the recommended time, your second dose appointment can be scheduled for administration up to 42 days or 6 weeks after your first dose.

Miami-Dade County operates three drive-thru vaccination sites at Tropical Park, Zoo Miami, and Miami-Dade College North Campus. 

One of the locations are as follows:

Marlins Park Stadium

501 Marlins Way

Miami, FL 33125

Functioning daily from 8am-30, those over 65 can get their vaccinations from this site.

To book your appointment, contact at 1-888-499-0840

(TTY: 1-888-256-8918)

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