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3 all-time fav movies shot in Miami

To appreciate this city, even more, we’re turning over to Hollywood’s slick blockbusters and Oscar-winning movies shot in Miami

Miami is not just a city; it’s a feeling, a vibe. With its electric lifestyle and dreamy beaches, we’re left abuzz, full of life and spirit.

And that’s why this city by the sea has profoundly affected the country's cinematic universe.

Movies show the dynamic blend of cultures, neighborhoods, food, and music—everything that this city has to offer. Everything that’s uniquely Miami makes directors want to film their scripts here, and why not? Isn’t this city the harbor of everything beautiful and pristine?

Here are a few significant movies shot in Miami:

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Scarface (1983)

Brian de Palma’s Scarface is perhaps the only movie that can stand next to The Godfather and make us see the humanness of flawed, evil men. This gangster classic goes through the classic rise and fall of cinema depicting the life of Tony “Scarface” Montana, played by the legendary Al-Pacino, as he flees Cuba and lands in a Florida refugee camp.

Soon, the movie escalates, and we see the themes of immorality and corruption rise. From rags to riches, Scarface glorifies the classic criminal lifestyle with guns, murders, drugs, and desire — Tony works his way up the ladder to dominate Miami’s underworld but falls back down as quickly as he makes his way up.

The film, a Miami masterpiece, shows us the horrific repercussions of a materialistic, criminal-clad desire to explore the city’s culture while it’s at it.

Casino Royale (2006)

Casino Royal, a James Bond classic, centers around poker games and Miami's nightlife. Daniel Craig makes a superb 007!

The movie shows Bond embarking on his first assignment as an agent. This is the beginning of his double-O life, where he has to handle a traitor and a supervillain, Le Chiffre, played by Mads Mikkelsen. The plot? Relieving Le Chiffre of all his money at a single high-roller’s poker game.

With an excellent script and brilliant acting, Casino Royale is ridiculously enjoyable. With stellar cinematography capturing Miami's essence and raw beauty, it’s nothing less than incredible.

Chef (2014)

Chef’s a cultural ride through Miami, LA, Austin, and New Orleans. A comedy-drama, this selection of the movies shot in Miami features Jon Favreau playing a renowned Miami-born chef Carl Casper who has a meltdown and decides to return to his roots.

Carl flies to Miami, his hometown, to cool off and spend time with his son. Once home, he rediscovers his love for Cuban food and embarks on a road trip in an old food truck serving Cubanos and yuca fries. But before that, he tests the success of his mouthwatering menu in South Beach.

A famous Miami-inspired dialogue in the film:
Percy: Where are we?

Inez: This is Little Havana.
Percy: Like in Grand Theft Auto?

This heartwarming movie takes us through the cultural diversity of Miami and the rich food and music scene the city hosts, something Favreau points out too.

The filming locations in Miami include the Fountainbleau Hotel, Versailles Restaurant, and a Cuban restaurant in Little Havana.

Miami is a city with a thousand faces and many more movies shot in Miami. There’s something for everyone here. Learn more about it by subscribing to our news publication. Check us out for regular updates on news, lifestyle, events, and movies shot in Miami.

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