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Alexander Otaola wants to run for Miami-Dade County Mayor

YouTube sensation, influencer, actor, and political activist Alexander Otaola wants to run for Miami Dade County Mayor

Alexander Otaola, founder of the YouTube channel Hola Ota-Ola!, has announced that he plans to run for Mayor of Miami-Dade County. The influencer and content creator has played a central role in galvanizing Cuban Americans in Miami to vote for Trump and continues using his right-leaning beliefs to push his potential political career.

He recently announced that he plans to run for Mayorship of Miami-Dade, an office that is currently held by Daniella Levine Cava.

More about Alexander Otaola’s announcement

Despite claiming that this has never been a personal goal of his, Otaola graciously states that it is necessary for him to run for office in order to get all the communists out of Miami. He believes that too many Cuban-American communists have settled in Miami and are funding, supporting, and providing information to the regime back home, making it necessary for people like him to drive them out. He discussed his plans of shutting down businesses, working on laws, and addressing issues like ‘suspicious’ immigration taking place at the Southern border.

“Vamos a sacar a los comunistas de Miami, vamos a cerrar los negocios que lavan dinero de la dictadura"

“We will remove all communists from Miami, we will close the businesses that wash money of the dictatorship"

Alexander Otaola
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Photo: Alexander Otaola Faceboook

Why some feel this is a dangerous situation for the community

While it’s refreshing to see public figures take an active part in local politics, it’s also dangerous when people like Otoala, who some feel are notorious for spreading misinformation, make such claims. He is entitled to his views and political standing, but what’s risky is the extent of what some claim are half-truths and flawed narratives that could damage communities.

Otaola hasn’t filed any paperwork for his candidacy as yet, and it’s unclear how much support he truly has on the ground, but only time will tell, seeing as how Mayor Daniella Cava Levine plans to run once more.

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