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Alexa Lash Releases Her Much-Awaited EP “Already Not the Same”

Talented young musician Alexa Lash launches her latest set of music at Bar Nancy in Little Havana’s Calle Ocho

Quarantine, lockdowns, and stay-at-home orders were undeniably challenging even for the most introverted, anti-social individuals. Months of being isolated and cut off from work, friends, colleagues, and having our entire reality shift overnight could drive anyone off the edge--and singer-songwriter Alexa Lash could relate. She used that time to create work that would truly resonate with the rollercoaster of emotions and experiences people had, launching her latest collection of songs at an event in Miami.

Her second EP, titled Already Not the Same, features some of the most soul-touching songs about memory, nostalgia, heartache, and just an incredible range of emotions. This EP is a follow-up to her first album Sage & Wine, which explored similar themes of heartbreak, love, and loss.

More about the music on the EP

Alexa Lash has a particular sound that sets her apart. With a bluesy pop to her music, which mostly falls into folk as a genre, it’s hard to pin down exactly what it is about her music that stands out so much. We just know we’re hooked.

Carrying forward similar themes and explorations from Sage & Wine, the EP has a collection of four songs that move you through an experience unlike any other. It starts with the song Baked Apples that you have to listen to to understand fully, but it’s truly a beautiful tribute and celebration of memory itself. The song explores loss through memory.

We then move on to Stay Over, a song about taking that chance and asking the other person to stick around. It walks us through the very human desire for connection and companionship and pushes listeners to take a chance with her heart.

But sometimes, even taking a chance doesn’t work, and that’s where Facing Reality comes in, singing about the heartache of unrequited love. While it is quite emotional, the song is also about moving on and learning to cope with life as it is and, you know, facing reality!

The star of this EP, however, is probably History, a song that plays with different elements, including Spanish guitar and some spoken word added by Ferny Coipe and  Julian Cifuentes respectively.

The music is nothing short of an experience, and we’re excited to listen to all the tracks on the EP.

Alexa Lash performing her latest EP in front of the audience.

Where to catch Alexa Lash and her band in Miami

Luckily, Little Havana’s Bar Nancy is frequently haunted by Alexa and her band, who have a long-running residency here. They perform every third Wednesday and every other first Friday, so you can check out Bar Nancy’s website and socials to stay updated about their next show. It’s definitely going to be worth catching live.

Already Not the Same hit streaming platforms on the 7th of January, 2022, and listeners can tune into the platform of their choice to listen to the beautiful music she’s released. Hurry up and check it out!

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