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After the world’s biggest lips, Andrea Ivanova has set her eyes on getting bigger cheekbones

The real-life Barbie is now ready to set a new world record by getting bigger cheekbones to match her world's biggest lips

25-year-old Andrea Ivanova, or real-life Barbie, is ready to get cheekbone enlargement surgery to match her world’s biggest lips. She has undergone lip surgery with 30 hyaluronic acid injections and now plans to match her cheekbones’ size to her world’s biggest pout.

She has spent £8,000 on her recording-break pout and, despite criticism, plans to undergo more plastic surgery procedures. Read more about this news below.

Bratz doll lookalike making the headlines

Andrea Invanova is obsessed with exaggerated facial features and looks. This Bulgarian doll lookalike made the headlines when she revealed how much she has forked out on getting this Bratz doll pout to win the “world’s biggest lips” title.

The real-life Barbie is unrecognizable after undergoing plastic surgeries more than 43 times since 2018. Besides getting bigger lips, she has gone under the knife for jaw, chin, and breast enlargement accumulating over £15,000 bills.

She loves artificial looks and finds ordinary appearances boring. She’s obsessed with eccentric beauties and exaggerated shapes.

The influencer got breast enlargement to increase the size from a 75C cup to a 75E one as well as the world’s most chiseled, pointed, and elongated chin. Now she has her eyes on achieving a new milestone by getting the biggest cheekbones in the world.

She has spent £1,600 on 4 hyaluronic injections in her cheekbones and gone under the knife two more times.

A woman with Big Lips

Gaining significant enlargement is her goal

The 25-year-old aims to model through significant enlargement but also wants to get bigger lips. She manages to fork out huge sums of money by auctioning “kisses for cash” to the highest bidder on her Instagram.

Many clinics have refused to take her case and warned her about health complications if she undergoes more surgeries. Further procedures can be fatal, as the doctors have warned.

Doctors’ warnings and negative criticism won’t keep her from getting bigger lips. She has talked about negative comments and public disapproval of her bigger chin and the world's biggest lips. According to Andrea, her family doesn’t approve of her surgeries either, but they must respect her choices.

Instead of letting others’ opinions let her down, she believes in satisfying one’s own self and she loves the fact that she wears the world's biggest lips.

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