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A shooting in Overtown leaves one man dead

Another shooting in Overtown leaving a 20-something-year-old man dead saddens the community

Miami’s second oldest neighborhood which dates back to 1896 is also known for having many violent incidents on a regular basis. Unfortunately, Overtown is one of Miami’s most dangerous neighborhoods with a significant crime rate. Earlier this month, a shooting took place in the neighborhood, injuring one man and now another shooting in Overtown occurs,

Another shooting occurred shortly after, leaving another man dead. Here’s more on Overtown’s recent fatal shooting.

The shooting in Overtown

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On Saturday, a horrible shooting occurred around midnight close to Frederick Douglas Elementary School. As per reports, the officials responded on a gunshot detection alert.

After arriving at the crime scene, the officers found a wounded man. The officers also spotted the victim’s bike on the sidewalk. Although paramedics rushed the victim to the hospital, he couldn't make it.

Two armed men are rumored to attack the victim, but the authorities have not confirmed it yet. Currently, the case is under investigation, and the motive is yet to be determined.

The neighborhood’s response

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The Overtown shooting has left the entire neighborhood in shock and fear. Most shop owners and residents of the area are fearful after the fatal shooting.

Since the incident took place near Northwest Third Avenue and 11th Street, just a few steps from Fredrick Douglass Elementary School, Embrace Girls Foundation, a platform that offers afterschool programs for girls, hosted a forum.

The forum offered a safe space for the residents to talk about the increasing rates of crime in the neighborhood and brainstorm ways to ensure the community's safety. Although the residents are fearful and anxious after the shooting, such community-level initiatives can help them ensure their neighborhood's safety.

The investigation into the shooting is still ongoing, and officials are on the lookout for the shooters. Calle Ocho News will keep its readers informed with important updates. You can now stay updated on the latest happenings in Miami by subscribing to Calle Ocho News. You can also keep up with other trending news, events, and more from Miami on our platform.

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