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A Florida woman sues Kraft for $5 million over mac and cheese preparation time

Amanda Ramirez a Florida woman sues Kraft Mac and cheese claiming the brand has a mislabeled and misleading preparation time

Kraft says its Velveeta mac and cheese takes only three and a half minutes to cook. Now a Florida woman sues Kraft, claiming otherwise filing a $5 million class action lawsuit against the company. Her name is Amanda Ramirez.

Woman sues Kraft via a class action lawsuit

According to Ramirez, Kraft has been falsely advertising its mac and cheese cups. As a result, her attorneys have filed a lawsuit claiming that the company is misleading the public with false preparation time claims.

Kraft’s famous Velveeta mac and cheese cup instructions say to microwave it for 3.5 minutes. Ramirez, on the other hand, says this time period doesn’t consider the additional steps required to cook the meal.

These include:

  • Removing the lid and sauce packet
  • Adding water
  • Microwaving for three and a half minutes
  • Stirring

Consequently, the lawsuit says, it’s not possible for the microwaveable dish to take only 3.5 minutes.

mac and cheese cup

What Kraft Heinz says about the lawsuit

Kraft Heinz Foods Company has stated that this lawsuit is absolutely “frivolous” and that they are ready to defend against the claims Ramirez has made.

Ramirez’s lawyers say that their client would have paid more than the product’s current cost if they had advertised it honestly. The lawsuit targets Kraft’s unfair profiteering over these famous mac and cheese cups, claiming that the food company is taking advantage of their customers’ trust.

According to the lawyers, customers pay more because the product falsely says it’ll be ready in three and a half minutes. The lawsuit is asking the company to also put an end to its misleading advertising.

This is not the first time a customer has filed a lawsuit against a food company over false and misleading advertising.

In May, a customer sued McDonald’s and Wendy’s for $50 million over misleading burger ads, claiming that their advertisements make the burgers look bigger than they actually are. The lawsuit also said that the companies are duping loyal customers by overstating the size of their meal items.  

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