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9 spooky DIY Halloween decorations to try this year

It’s time for some super-spookiness! Adorn your Miami home with our easy-to-make DIY Halloween decorations

Spooky alert! It’s time to make your house gourd-geous for the spooky season.

Bring the Halloween spirit to your home with our easy DIY Halloween decorations that are perfect for first-timers and experienced crafters!

Let’s begin our bewitching home transformation for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Make Witches’ Brew

A cackled laugh is not spooky enough; make it an utterly witchy affair by brewing a cauldron full of smoke and magic. All you need is a big pot, an essential oils diffuser, cotton, and lights. Don’t forget to dunk in a few mini skulls and spooky sprinkles!

Halloween décor home

Super Spiders

What’s more Halloweeny than a porch or entryway decorated with giant spiders? All you need are plastic foam balls, black pipe cleaners, and spray paint. Just pour the black paint over the balls (this will be the body), attach a smaller foam ball for the head, and use the pipes as legs.

Ghost ‘Em

Make Casper proud! Decorate your home and entryway with balloon ghosts that are lazily passing away time.

Inflate white balloons and drape white fabric over them. Cut a small slit to pull the knot through, and hang your DIY ghosts with a string from the ceiling (the knot should be up). Don’t forget the eyes, for they must see! Cut black felt circles and stick them to your ghosts, and voila!

Candy Corn Fun

Is your dining table feeling a little too empty? Use the magic of orangish-yellow candy corn to add some flair to the table! Just fill a few glass candleholders with this delight and place your favorite white candles in the middle. Oh, and make sure you’ve got some Halloween candy on a platter so your guests don’t start eating the corn!

'Porch' the Pumpkin

We mean to torch the pumpkin — which is, perhaps, the easiest way to give your porch a spooky feel. Just get a pumpkin pail and cut off its back. Fit the pumpkin on your porch lights and create an eerie, pumpkin-y Halloween vibe that would be a delight for the trick o treaters.

Make a Wreath

Don’t forget to decorate the front door! Make it a cozy, welcoming sight by hanging a dried flower wreath on it. You need dried flowers, branches, and a wire to weave them through. Start with the giant flowers and incorporate smaller, thinner, more delicate ones until your wreath is complete.

Magic Potion Bottles

And for the indoor home décor, add to the witchy vibe by making your own potions. It's pretty easy too! Grab empty jars and glasses, add fake severed body parts like fingers to them, pour gelatin, water, glitter, and food color, and let the magic brew and begin.

Add Creepy Candles

Candles are a must! Give your Miami home a haunted feel by placing red candles everywhere on fancy black candle holders. For a funkier, creepier, and bloodier feel, decorate the holders with drips of red glue.

Carve an Interesting-Looking Pumpkin

For the final touches, add a fun pumpkin inside your home filled with a scenic view! Cut it out and add grass, twigs, moss, and a ping-pong moon for a forest-like appearance. It may not be spooky, but it sure will elevate how your space looks!

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