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Plans for a 75 Mile Skyscraper or “Landscraper” costing $1 trillion in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia unveiled a plan for a 75 mile skyscraper or landscraper that is projected to cost over $1 trillion

In Saudi Arabia, designers have created plans to construct two 75 mile skyscrapers that are 1,600 ft tall that would run parallel at the request of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. It will extend 75 miles (120 km) through the desert, mountain, and coastal regions to make up the Mirror Line construction. If the 75 mile skyscraper project is finished, it could be the biggest building ever built.

Inside the 75 mile skyscraper that is a mirrored landscraper

Mohammed bin Salman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, is in charge of the $1 trillion mega-development, The Mirror Line, which is a centerpiece of the Neom desert complex. The 75 mile skyscraper project will feature fast trains that will run beneath the two structures and link them via walkways. Five million people are expected to live there and be able to move from end to end in twenty minutes.

If finished, the landscraper will cut through a mountain range that stretches down the coast, starting from the Gulf of Aqaba. The mirror-like structure will go east via a mountain resort and complex where the Saudi government is housed.

The interiors depict a complex network of towers around lush greenery, vertical farms, a man-made river, walkaways with surrounding desert scenery, and neon lights.

It will also include an octagonal floating port city, AI and robots to help the inhabitants,a commuter swimming lane, a 100-mile vertical metropolis, a sports stadium at the height of 1,000 ft, and an artificial ski resort.

Saudi Arabia Line Mirrored Skyscraper

There are also some obstacles to building this project. Planners are having trouble determining if inhabitants would prefer to reside in a tall building following the COVID-19 outbreak and how the construction may affect groundwater flow.

Environmental planners claim that the Mirror Line's size and length may interfere with migrating bird patterns and that the building's mirrored windows may further confuse the birds, undermining the project's efforts to be ecologically friendly.

When will the project be completed?

The project initiative, which is financed by the state investment fund of the government, has already started constructing the building.

It goes without saying that the prince is motivated and has established the target of finishing it by 2030. However, engineers have allegedly estimated that the enormous project may take about five decades to complete.

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