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The 6-week abortion ban proposed by Republicans gets major criticism

Florida will reduce the abortion ban from 15 to 6 weeks if this bill is passed

Florida Republicans presented proposals on Tuesday that would prohibit abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy, with an exception for victims of sexual assault (namely rape and incest) who can prove formal documentation of the crime.

Many Floridian women will be prohibited from having abortions before they even discover they are pregnant if this bill is passed and signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis. It will reduce the state's abortion ban from 15 to 6 weeks of pregnancy.

More about the 6-week abortion ban

Senator Erin Grall (R-Lake Placid) has introduced Bill 300 into the Florida Senate even though there is active litigation challenging the validity of the state's abortion bans beyond 15 weeks. That 15-week law was also backed by Grall. If passed, the 6-week abortion ban will be stricter, with the exception of cases involving victims of sexual abuse or incest, and even then, only with proof of rape before the 15-week mark. The proposed six-week restriction would be lifted in cases when a person's life or health would be in danger without an abortion.

Governor Ron DeSantis declared his support for the 6-week restriction during his address on Tuesday in Tallahassee.

Placards saying “keep abortion legal”

Democrats condemn the law

Proponents of abortion rights are taking the state to court over the 15-week restriction, although the prohibition will stay in place until the outcome of the legal proceedings. Several Democrats, including White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, voiced their disapproval of the initiative. She said millions of women would be impacted by the idea, including Floridians and those from more restrictive states who go to Florida for abortions. Current Florida law permits abortions up to 15 weeks and previously allowed them up to 24 weeks of pregnancy.

The bills introduced on Tuesday would also make it illegal to utilize state funds to help someone get to another state for an abortion unless doing so is federally permitted or medically necessary.

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