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Maxi skirts to mesh: 6 spring fashion trends of 2023

Here are the top 6 spring fashion trends of 2023 to revamp your wardrobe

Spring is the time of rejuvenation. Its essence lies in the heart-warming and welcoming spirit. The same can be said for spring fashion. You tuck away bulky and warm winter clothes and work flowy and light staples into your wardrobe. We have worked out the top 6 spring fashion trends of 2023 for you.

Make sure you have these spring fashion trends on hand.

Classic pastels

Though pastels are often considered cliché, you can never go wrong with these classics. Top stylists confirm that colors like baby blue, lilac, and pale yellow are what spring fashion is all about. Get yourself a lilac flowing dress or a midi skirt, and top it with a silk cami for a perfectly chic look.

Complete your fit with chunky jewelry and heels to make your look spring-ready!

Sculpture bags

This is a must-have spring accessory. Sculptural bags are simple yet versatile enough to make a style statement – be it an everyday, casual, or fancier look.

An ivory or camel sculptural bag is perfect for everyday use, but if you like vibrant colors to complement the spirit of spring, get one in pale yellow or green color. This simple staple can be styled in various ways.

Straight jeans, slim sneakers, and a light knit cardigan paired with a sculptural bag make a go-to combo for top stylists. You can easily pair it with a long skirt, toe kitten heels, and a ribbed tank top for a dressier look.

Maxi skirt

If there’s one spring fashion staple you should invest in, it’s the maxi skirt. This is a year-long staple that you can transition into a myriad of ways if you pair it with knitted skirts, denim, and satin slip skirts.

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Mesh is one of the Y2K trends that you’ll absolutely love. A mesh bodycon dress or a long-sleeve top comes in a variety of prints and colors to add a quintessential element to your wardrobe. Show enough skin to give off a sexy and mysterious vibe.


Spring fashion trends in 2023 will be incomplete without denim. Denim maxi skirts, denim corset tops, denim dresses, you name it! Finish the look with a pair of chunky platforms.

Speaking of platforms…

Platform slip-on

This 2000s fashion trend has been in style since 2022 or so. This nostalgic wear will continue to be popular this spring with printed and bold pairs. From bright colors to daisy and polka dots, fashionistas can have a plethora of options to choose from.

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