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6 of the Coolest Things to Do In Miami

Miami is all things sizzling! And it’s not just the sweltering weather; it’s the spicy salsa, the Latin influence, and the nightlife that make it all worthwhile. You’ll never have a dull minute in this part of town, but we still recommend some of the coolest things to do in Miami, so you don’t regret it later: 

Bayside Marketplace

This place is a festival that never seems to end; it’s a lively open-air marketplace with a gorgeous waterfront, so you can catch a breather while shopping which is one of our favorite things to do in Miami. Moreover, there are tons of bars and restaurants you can dine in, while enjoying the live Latin music. You’re free to do a beer and food crawl too. 

South Beach 

How else would you prove that you’ve been to Miami if you don’t drop by South Beach? The wide sandy beach is a popular spot for models and celebrities for photoshoots or maybe even just for sunbathing. If you would like a bit more privacy, we’d suggest you head to Biscayne Beach, which is usually less crowded. 

Zoological Wildlife Foundation 

If you’re an animal lover, you’re going to love this place, but even if you aren’t, you’re still going to be amazed by the exotic species in the five-acre zoo houses.  

Wynwood Walls 

This wall was established in 2009 and is free of charge for the public. International street art was created by Tony Goldman, the legendary place maker and visionary. You’re sure to enjoy it if you appreciate art and culture or if you want some Instagram-able pictures. 

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens  

The museum, built in 1916, is a tribute to the Italian Renaissance. It contains the original artwork and furnishing of the time and is surrounded by a lush garden. It’s a great stop if you’ve had enough of the shopping and beaches.

South Pointe Park 

Nothing beats a waterfront park, which is why Pointe Park has made it to our list. There are trails to walk through or jog on if your inner athlete challenges you and benches for when you just want to sit down and be treated to a spectacular Miami sunset.

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