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5 Miami Beauty Bloggers You Should Follow

Miami is one of the most-loved cities globally, famous for its beaches, nightlife, ocean views, and fashion sense. The city has an intense passion for setting style and beauty trends. Hence, finding your look is more difficult than it appears. Here is a list of five Miami beauty bloggers you should be following if you are looking for some inspiration:

1. Stephanie Cosmopolitan

Stephanie Cosmopolitan is a Miami-based blogger that runs The Lux Loft, a fashion and beauty blog. Her goal is to inspire others through her creativity and collaboration. Stephanie founded this blog in 2015. Today, it continues to gain momentum and followers worldwide as people sing her praises. Like many of her fellow beauty influencers, Stephanie has worked with many high-end designer companies and brands, including DELPOZO, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Vogue Mexico. On Instagram, she reigns as @stephaniecosmopolitan and has over 40,000 followers. 

2. Julian Hernandez-Marks

Julian Hernandez-Marks is a Miami-based beauty blogger and influencer on Instagram (@ijulian_). Before he decided to pursue his passion, Hernandez worked at a law firm. His blog is all about his top fashion picks and fabulous lifestyle. Hernandez isn't just a fashion influencer for men, but he's also a strong advocate for climate change. On the side, he works with Miami Beach non-profit organizations to clean up the beaches around Miami. 

3. Tamia Styles

Tamia Styles is one of the best Miami beauty bloggers you should follow in 2021. On her Instagram, @tamiastyles, she has over 75,500 followers, and she loves to share fashion, hair, skin, beauty, and fitness tips. She also has a fabulous sense of style that she shares with her followers. If you want to get your beach body back, you should also follow Tamia's fitness page on Instagram,, where she encourages her followers to make healthy choices. Tamia also has a YouTube channel called "TamiaStyles," where she shares mainly makeup tutorials and reviews makeup products.  

4. Tico Lorenzo

Tico Lorenzo is a Miami and California-based influencer. Lorenzo's Instagram, @ticolorenzo, is all about men's fashion, skincare, hair care, and hygiene. He is often seen wearing creative and modern outfits around Miami and LA. He also reviews beauty brands on his blog and gives tips for self-care for men. Lorenzo has said that his inspiration for starting his blog was acne-filled skin.  He tried many different products to get rid of acne, and once he did, everyone around him began to ask him how he did it, so he decided to become an Instagram influencer. 

5. Diana Hughes

Diana Hughes, also known as Dee, is a fashion and beauty blogger and brand strategist in the Miami area. On Instagram, Diana goes by @followdee and shows off her skincare, beauty, fashion, and fitness tips. The best thing about her blog is her daughter, Nyah. The stories she shares about motherhood and how it fits in her glam life are inspiring. Diana also has a blog called "Follow Dee," where you can read about her experiences. You can also find Dee's Diary on her blog, which is a collection of her words and thoughts from different moments. 

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