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5 Key Skills to Work on Building in 2022

These personal and professional skills you should work on building and improving this year are worth the effort

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When it comes to self-growth and self-development, there are certain skills to work on in 2022. The best skills will help you improve yourself personally and professionally and make you understand what your own values and goals are. It’s important to continue aspiring toward these goals and actively working on yourself in the process of doing so.

Not only are some of the following skills incredibly valuable in the professional world, but they’re also incredibly useful for your personal life and navigating through social situations, making them very helpful to fine-tune. Check out some of them and commit to improving your grasp this year:

1. Dependability

Nobody wants to work with a flake or someone whose work ethics and commitment issues make them unreliable. As work cultures shift, micromanaging becomes more outdated, and attitudes and requirements also change, it’s just as important for employees to step up to the plate. Dependability is one of the key skills employers are looking for in a highly-unstable economic scenario, and it’s definitely something to work on.

2. Decision-making

Not only are employers looking for people who can take ownership of their work, but they also want people that are quick thinkers and decision-makers. This means you have the chance to prove yourself as a leader and truly impress those around you with your capabilities. Decision-making means you can make difficult calls, own up to your decisions and choices, and have the foresight and insight to know the right choice in a given scenario.

3. Communication

This may seem like an overdone and overused skill, but it’s one that truly matters. Learning to communicate effectively is not easy by any means, especially in professional settings. Clearly expressing your requirements, conveying the issue, maintaining professional correspondence, knowing when to follow up and how to respond to certain things all matter a lot. It’s one of the most grossly underrated skills anyone can possess, making it a non-negotiable skill to have.

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4. Remote work skills

You’d be surprised at how in-demand remote working skills are becoming. As we continue to adopt work modalities that the pandemic normalized, remote work and jobs are increasingly becoming the norm. It’s considered a professional skill to be able to manage work independently, outside a traditional workspace, and possibly in different timezones. From communicating online and via phone to reaching deliverables and goals, completing tasks efficiently, and maintaining quality, there’s a lot that comes under this. This is one of the most valuable skills as we move into the future, and you can try your hand at it through freelancing.

5. Analytical thinking

Analytical thinking is incredibly sought-after due to its incredible potential. If you learn how to work with data, process complex information, share solutions, draw conclusions, and make decisions based on that, you’re part of a very elite skilled personnel. Data analytics, analytical thinking, and data processing are some of the most in-demand skills in today’s data-driven world, where all major choices and decisions are dependent on numbers.

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