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5 Health and Wellness Goals to Aim for This Spring

Make these health and wellness goals a priority, and improve your sense of well-being

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Monday or the middle of the year; there’s never a right time to start working on your health and wellness goals. In fact, the sooner you get started, the better because you’ll be grateful that you did.

It’s not enough to aspire toward generic, one-size-fits-all health and wellness goals or to aim for drastic, unrealistic goals either. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Instead, focus on small, achievable health and wellness goals that will help you ease into your wellness routine. Here are some great ideas to help you get healthier and fitter this year:

1. Commit to improving your sleeping habits

Your sleep is one of the most important habits worth improving. Not only should you be working on improving the quality of your sleep, but you need to work on sleep hygiene too. These daily routine habits and practices will directly impact how restfully and deeply you sleep and include simple things such as putting your phone away, avoiding caffeine at night, so on and so forth.

2. Add one healthy staple to your daily diet

It’s difficult to make a complete overhaul to your diet, which is why it helps to start with smaller changes. Instead of cutting out all sugars and starches and eating salads 24/7, why not add one healthy, nutritious staple to your daily routine? Perhaps a refreshing green juice is a great place to start or add more immunity-building foods to your diet.

3. Eliminate or cut down on one bad habit

Simultaneously, work on cutting down or eliminating one bad habit too, like smoking, excessive drinking, overeating sugar, and processed foods, or neglecting your physical and mental health in other ways. Like we said, start small and build your way up. Make the next one when you find that you’re more comfortable with one change and won’t slip up.

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4. Bring more movement into your day  

Our bodies need movement, whether that’s through dance, walks, lifting weights, running, yoga, or even gentle stretches. If there’s one thing you change this spring, it should be adding more movement to your routine. Even if you work all day and can’t be up and about, make sure you’re getting some kind of movement at some point or the other. Take breaks and walk it out, stretch a little, dance or go out for a stroll after work, throw in a morning run, or take your dog for a walk. No matter what it is, any movement is good.

5. Add more self-care to your daily habits

Last but not least, work on adding more self-care to your routine. Read, meditate, do skincare, or really any form of self-care that brings you joy, peace, and comfort. Self-care is something we’re all too guilty of neglecting, and this year commit to making that change to your routine.

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