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5 gifts for dad ideas when he wants nothing

Celebrate Father’s Day 2022 with the special men in your life with these great gifts for dad ideas

Whether you’d like to celebrate your own father or another special father-figure in your life, this Father’s Day 2022 is the perfect time to give them something special. But picking out the perfect gifts for dad who wants nothing can be incredibly challenging.

Here are some unique gifts for dad this Father’s Day 2022:

A delicious steak dinner for 1 (or 2)

Nothing tops a delicious steak dinner as gifts for dad, and there’s nothing better than that as a father’s day present if you ask a guy. You can get a voucher or gift card from your favorite steak restaurant and treat the special dad in your life to a dinner for one, or get a voucher for two and make it a date. Whether you’re treating your dad or your partner, or really any paternal figure you love and admire, a dinner for two is the perfect chance to unwind, have some great food, and feel loved.

Deliciously rich Cuban coffee

Coffee is essential when you’re raising kids (trust us!), and Cuban coffee is perfect for that extra punch of flavor, aroma, and of course, energy. You can shop for Cuban coffee at many spots around Little Havana, picking out a delicious blend that they’d enjoy. Paired with some delicious desserts, you have the full package for a treat.

A son sits on his father’s shoulders, giving him a kiss on the head.

Some much-needed skincare for men

There’s no denying that men, especially dads, are guilty of neglecting their own wellness and self-care routines. That’s why this year it’s the perfect chance to give them some much-needed skincare and self-care products such as moisturizer, exfoliant, sunscreen, and other essential items that a routine should have. Here’s a complete guide to men’s skincare to help you pick out the best products for their routine.

Gift them vouchers for their favorite activities

Whether they enjoy golfing, cooking, sports, or have unique hobbies and interests, you can gift them a gift card or voucher for their favorite activity. You can get them special access to these activities or help them fulfill a dream they’ve had for a while--it’s entirely upto you to get creative.

Experiences often outweigh material presents, and this is one of those opportunities to help them feel seen, heard, and appreciated for all that they do.

Wardrobe essentials for the dapper dad  

Got a man who loves fashion and dressing well? The best things you can get are some staples for their wardrobe. Shirts, well-fitting pants, a nice jacket, or even comfortable socks can make dapper dads happy. Use this guide to men’s fashion to understand what they truly want and need, and shop for some wardrobe essentials that they can use on the daily or on special occasions.

At the end of the day, it’s not how much you spend on gifts for dad or what you buy; it’s about how you make them feel!

There are a lot of different ways to spoil your favorite men; whether it’s a great gift from one of Miami’s best boutiques, a unique experience, or an amazing meal, we’ve got some of the best gifts for dad ideas for you. Subscribe to our newsletter for the best tips and insights from around Miami, including news, events, and much more.

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