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4 Reasons to Apply for TPS if you are Venezuelan

Almost half of eligible Venezuelans have not applied for Temporary Protected Status

The United States Immigration Service reports that approximately 323,000 Venezuelans can apply for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). However, only 115,000 of them have submitted their application as of July 15, 2021. ¿Are you Venezuelan? What are you waiting to apply? Apply now! We explain why you should.

What is TPS?

It's a temporary immigration status provided to citizens of certain countries who have problems that pose a serious threat to their physical integrity if they are deported back to those countries. This immigration protection is known in English by its acronym, "Temporary Protection Status" (TPS).

Are you eligible for TPS?

It's easy to know if you are eligible. First, you must have the requirement of nationality. However, only Venezuelan's who can also show continuous residence in the United States as of March 8, 2021, are eligible under the Venezuela designation.

4 Reasons for Venezuelans to apply

1. Security: It is not safe to deport Venezuelans due to

  • Economic crisis
  • Political crisis
  • Violation of Human Rights
  • Health crisis
  • Food insecurity
  • Crime and insecurity

2. Venezuelans presence in the United States

Venezuelans are the fifth largest South American immigrant population in the United States.

3. High level of professionalization

Venezuelan immigrant adults have considerably higher levels of education, especially in terms of four-year university degrees. This situation gives them strength since they present themselves as an important group of professionals that are part of the country and generate wealth and qualified labor.

4. Other benefits

Access to a fair wage, driver's license, and protection against deportation.

Do you want to apply, where can you get help?

Due to the extension granted by the US government to the application of TPS for Venezuelans, Florida International University (FIU) and the Department of the Immigration and Human Rights Clinic are resuming their free legal advice sessions. In July 2021, more than 750 clients applied using the Clinic's services. 

Don't miss this new opportunity on September 11, 2021. Students, volunteers, and lawyers are excited to welcome all interested Venezuelans and their families once again. Make your appointment on the Instagram account @proyectolibertadoresTPS or by sending an email to The event will be held at the FIU Law School headquarters located at 11200 SW 8th Street, Rafael Diaz Balart Hall Miami, FL 33199.

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