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4 Best Miami Eateries for Soul Food

Soul food may get its name from cuisine styles of the interior Deep South and includes a variety of foods, including classics like fried chicken, pork chops, chitlins, greens for sides, and delicious add-ons like mac and cheese, cornbread, and plenty more. Desserts tend to include hearty, warm treats like sweet potato pie, peach cobbler, and various other options. 

While the name may stem from a wider socio-cultural context, there's no denying that it holds true. Soul food truly DOES feed the soul! 

Miami's lucky to have an incredibly diverse, thriving, multi-cultural landscape, and you'll find some of the most amazing and authentic soul food around here. Some of the most popular eateries include:

Jackson Soul Food

Jackson Soul Food is one of the best soul food spots in town. You can enjoy the most delicious fried catfish and fries, pork chops, and decadent French toast, liver, and onions for breakfast that you'll ever have. It's an incredible place to get some hearty, rich meals whether you're in the mood for sweet or savory options. 

Lil Greenhouse Grill

Breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner—it doesn't matter what meal you're looking for, Lil Greenhouse Grill is ready to welcome you with open arms. Their ribs are to die for and will leave you wanting more with every bite. 

If you're not in the mood for a mess, treat yourself to another soul food classic: chicken and waffles. Everything on their menu is excellent, including items like the black bean burger, seafood cakes, and of course, BBQ smoked wings. Yum! 

Sunday's Eatery 

While you get a literal feast at Sunday's Eatery, including the most delectable fried chicken, several beverage options, and dessert from the high heavens, their Instagram feed is a visual feast too! 

It's the kind of place you'll want to visit on a lazy Sunday afternoon or a cozy Friday night when all you want is to indulge and electrify your tastebuds. Get ready to dig into the most delicious meals in town.

Eloise & Earnestine Soul Food

In the mood for turkey wings? Maybe you'd like to dig into some pork chops or grilled chicken instead? Eloise and Earnestine Soul Food is where you need to be! With the most incredible helpings and portions, they do classics like collard greens like no one else. Their regular and specials menus are unbeatable, and it's the perfect place to be when you're in the mood for great food.

Bet your tummy's rumbling thinking about all these fantastic eateries and food joints, huh? Head over today and get a heaping helping of food that's definitely going to satisfy your soul.

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