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4 Bars in Miami for a Great Experience

There’s no shortage of bars in Miami or places to go in Miami, but its bar scene is often overlooked for the white and sandy beaches and the spirited offerings lining up their perimeters. Bar’s in Miami have come of age in the past few years. Their alcohol isn’t just limited to craft beer by the coastline but has expanded to fruity cocktails that marry perfectly with the salty breeze of the Magic City.

Here are the best bars in Miami for you to visit on your next trip:

1. Rosa Sky

Let’s kick off this virtual bar crawl with the outdoor rooftop bar at Rosa Sky. Located on the 22nd floor of the AC Marriot, this outdoor option of the bars in Miami lounge offers a view of the Miami skyline from the best vantage point, but that’s not the only thing it’s got on offer.

If you like your customized cocktails colorful, your tapas flavorful, and your music delightful, the Rosa Sky can offer you all three in one glorious setting.

2. Ball & Chain

Ball & Chain offers the residents and tourists of Little Havana the best of Cuban American culture through events, merch, food, and—you guessed it—cocktails. The place is open seven days a week and serves over 20 different types of Cuban tapas, two authentic desserts, and 11 special cocktails in all kinds of flavors, from banana to basil.

Stop by during the day for a round of mojitos in a historic indoor option for bar’s in Miami with vintage posters of famous jazz performers. Be sure to return for another round in the evening to watch them perform live.


3. Terras

Terras at Life House Little Havana is a rooftop garden bar located atop the Life House hotel featuring the best sunsets in Miami and the best-mixed cocktails in all of Little Havana, mixed and garnished with herbs grown in the garden nearby.

Take a seat at the wicker seating with an Ay Mamey! made from Havana Club rum, mamey sapote, coconut cream, and a splash of lime, and enjoy a slow day on a rooftop far removed from the noise of the city.

4. Dante’s Hifi+

Dante’s Hifi+ pays homage to vintage music through a bar equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system playing vinyl records from a bygone era. A self-proclaimed ‘listening lounge,’ the bar is inspired by Japanese culture, boasts over 8,500 vinyl records, and hosts no more than 50 guests at a time.

Their cocktail menu is quite long, and each drink has something to write home about. However, it's more about enjoying a musical evening while nursing a couple of drinks rather than getting smashed on the whiskey.

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