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3 Unique Places to Eat in Miami

Good food has the unique quality of tugging at your heartstrings. It can leave you in a state of contentment and even be something you can look back on and think, "man, that was delicious!" Trying local cuisine in any city you visit is absolutely essential. You should acquaint yourself with not just the people and places, but also the food that they enjoy. If you're planning a trip to Miami, here are some unique places to chow down. 

Airport Liquors &Café

When you're a tourist, chances are you have a very busy itinerary most days and need to squeeze in some bites to retain your energy. However, quick bites don't mean that you have to skimp on quality and end up eating something you can easily find back home.

Comfort food can be the ultimate getaway from the hustle and bustle of touring. And at Airport Liquors & Café, you don't just get to enjoy some delicious fried chicken sandwiches and juicy burgers, but also earn official bragging rights that you dined at a celebrity's restaurant! Yes! The owner's son, Reuben Ruiz, was a favorite on Food Network Star. That's how you know the food is going to be delicious. 

Matador Room 

Picking a night of luxury during your travels is always a fun idea. Just one night where you don't hold back and dine and wine like you're a royal. Of course, you can plan this night beforehand to ensure you're not going completely out of budget, but the aim should always be comfort and pure luxury.

If you want unique places and luxury at a reasonable price, then the Matador Room is a great place to be. As soon as you enter, you're greeted with the most captivating décor that makes you feel like an exclusive member of a very secret club. And of course, since the restaurant is run by Jean-Georges, the menu is to die for! Your eyes will be glimmering at the sight of all the scrumptious cuisine with culinary cues from Latin America, Spain, and of course, the Caribbean! 

Surf House

If you have kids on your trip, then it's essential to keep them in mind while planning your lunches and dinners. The last thing you want is to step into a restaurant that has no dedicated kids menu and leave your child eating nothing but French fries! One of the most loved restaurants by families has got to be Surf House.

Located in the Tidal Cove water park, this fresh food restaurant is not only convenient but also downright delicious. You get food fresh from the market cooked on the grill so you can take in all of its delicious flavors. The kids can enjoy hot dogs, mac n cheese, chicken tenders, burgers, and a bunch of other things off their menu as well. And while you sip on your drink and enjoy your meal, your kids can go splash around in the water once they're done. It's a win-win situation!

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