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2022's Most Exciting Industries to Launch a Business in

Whether you're in Miami or another city, things are finally starting to look up after COVID-19's devastating impact on the economy. As we move toward a promising new future, there are plenty of exciting new opportunities awaiting you. For those who've always wanted to be entrepreneurs and launch their own businesses, here are some of the most exciting industries that will really start picking up in the coming year:

E-Commerce as an industry on the whole

E-Commerce isn't just a monolithic industry; there is so much variety and such incredible opportunities worth exploring in 2022. From B2C services like drop shipping to online to B2B services such as lead generation or app development, there's a lot of room for growth and experimentation, which we can expect to see more of in 2022. 

If you're an independent consultant or interested in becoming a seller or drop shipper, you can look into several lucrative opportunities and start making your way through the one of the most exciting industries out there.

Beauty including health and makeup

As recently as 2019, the beauty industry was valued at around $532B. In the two years since this estimate, the numbers have only gone up as the beauty industry continues to boom. From makeup to pharmaceutical products to skincare and products that integrate both health and beauty, there's a lot that has happened and will continue to happen in the foreseeable future making it another one of the most exciting industries to explore. 

It's a great opportunity for small businesses to make their way into the beauty industry, especially as there is a push for more organic products, alternative makeup, cruelty-free and eco-friendly options, and more.

Online tutoring and remote teaching

Put your skills, expertise, and experience to use through online tutoring opportunities. You can sign up through multiple teaching platforms and tutoring portals or even teach remotely. While online tutoring has been popular for a while, the pandemic really accelerated remote teaching and offered new avenues for teachers and students alike.

Influencer marketing and content creation

Another incredible industry that we can expect to see growth in is influencer marketing and content creation. While not a business in its traditional sense, it is incredibly profitable, low-risk, and high-return. But it's not easy by any means and requires you to find your niche.

Launching a business is no easy feat, but you can go a long way with the right expertise, insights, and a little market research. There are also several investors, including venture capital companies, individuals, and public programs waiting to support new start-ups and businesses, so be sure to check all your options. 

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