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Scholarship fund worth $20 million received by Miami-Dade College

A businessman gifted $20 million to Miami-Dade College to set up a scholarship fund

On Saturday, April 22, 2023, 12,000 students wore gowns and caps on their graduation day. The Miami-Dade College received $20 million in donations to set up a Griffin Scholarship Fund for the high school graduates who will go to Miami-Dade College.

Ken Griffin, the CEO of Citadel hedge fund, made the largest contribution through his individual gift. More in the news below.

“Talent is universal. Opportunity is not!”

Madeline Pumareiga, the Miami-Dade College president, said that this scholarship will open new avenues of opportunity for students who want to get higher education without worrying about affordability. This scholarship fund will help them transform their lives and that of their families with a college degree.

The scholarship will fund international studies, career coaching, and transfer to other universities for associate degrees besides funding books and tuition.

The president highlighted that students in Miami-Dade College are the first generation to go to college. During the graduation ceremony, Ken Griffin told the media about his parents being the first to go to college, which benefited them in pursuing better lives. He believes the same can happen to students who will go to college.

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Griffins’ educational scholarship philanthropy

Ken Griffin is an educational philanthropist because education is what helps shape the American Dream. Between the first and second graduation ceremonies held at Marlins stadium, he emphasized the need for schools to work towards students’ betterment.

He explained why he emphasizes the role of educational institutions by stating that the universities of the northeast and schools have a huge impact on creating the first generation opportunity.

He moved his company’s headquarters to the City of Miami as a way to give back to the city that helped him make billions from investing and trading. Griffin believes in the power of universities to anchor a great city.

The president hoped and reiterated that this scholarship fund will have a greater impact on students for many years to come.

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