Prevention is always better than treatment

As you probably know, cancer is a terrible disease involving abnormal cell growth which have the potential to spread to other organs or other body parts that could be lethal or not, depending on the stage and cell type.

Many of the most common cancers are identified in the gastrointestinal system, such as stomach cancer, liver cancer or colon cancer. The upside is that we can prevent and cut the cancer risk in half by making wise and healthy decisions regarding what we are eating.

Here are some foods that you should avoid:

  1. Microwave popcorn


    It might be a simple option to eat popcorn at home, but the truth is that microwave popcorn contains a lot chemical substances and additives which were correlated with liver, testicular and pancreatic cancer. Also, the fumes released by the artificial butter contains diacetyl which is toxic for humans and could cause lung cancer. If you like popcorn, you can buy your own kernels and pop them in a pan.

  2. Soda


    Sodas and other carbonated drinks contain 4-methylimidazole (4-MEI), a dangerous and toxic food colorant. Diet soda also contains aspartame, the replacement of normal sugar which affects your metabolic system. If you have problems drinking water and you need some taste in order to drink liquids, you can buy an electrical or manual juicer and make your own juice from fresh fruits and vegetables.

  3. Processed meat

    processed meat

    Studies have shown that eating just 50 grams of processed meat daily, increases one’s risk of colon cancer by 18%. Processed meat (bacon, hot dogs, ham, sausages etc.) has many chemicals meant to extend the shelf life and improve the taste. A healthy option is to buy fresh meat and prepare it at home.

  4. Processed sugar


    Sugar is present in almost every study related with our health. High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and other refined sugars are the source of insulin spikes and feed the growth of cancer cells. You should always choose natural sources of sugar like fruits, honey, coconut sugar or maple sugar.

  5. Salted, pickled and smoked foods

    salty foods

    Nitrates are a type of preservatives usually found in salted, pickled and smoked foods. When cooked at high temperatures, the nitrates are transformed in nitrites, which are even more dangerous for your body. By consuming these foods you enhance the risk of developing stomach and colon cancer. If you need a healthy snack, you can choose raw nuts and seeds like almonds, peanuts, sun flower and pumpkin seeds etc.

  6. Soy


    Once considered the best alternative to meat, studies have shown that soy contains estrogen-like compounds that turn on some genes to grow cancer cells in female breasts. They also influence the balance of the metabolic system. You can replace the soy milk with almond milk which you can prepare at home.

  7. Hydrogenated oils


    Hydrogenated oils include certain vegetable oils, canola oil and soybean oil. These types of oil are chemically extracted from their source and then they are chemically treated to change the smell and taste. Researches have shown that those who consume hydrogenated oils have a 25% higher risk to develop cancer. When cooking, always use olive oil and stay away from fried foods.