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The 3 Best Mexican Food Eateries You Must Try

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With so many Miami tourist attractions popping up, it can be hard to figure out where the Mexican food is overrated vs. where you’ll get your money’s worth. In our opinion, there are three Mexican eateries you simply can’t miss. Let’s dive in!


Bakan is a trendy eatery that younger people have been flocking to in droves. The eco-friendly Mexican restaurant is a wonderful combination of new and old — offering its patrons the ambience of high-end dining but the flavors of classical Mexican food. Bakan is huge — which means there’s always room for you there. 

With over 350 varieties of mescal, anyone who loves to savor a good drink needs to head to Bakan, since the quirky eatery also serves seasoned cheese plates that you can enjoy with it. Perhaps the biggest achievement that Bakan has made is that it’s brought back the blue corn tortillas that have been missing from the Mexican food scene for ages. 

However, its menu is expansive and includes out-of-the-box specialties such as escamoles and gusanos de maguey too! 

Casitas Tejas

From all-out Tex-Mex to classics created with traditional recipes and loads of love, the Little House of Texas is where you need to go if you want a feast. Its Homestead location isn’t exactly what you’d call the center of Miami, but the trip is worth it! There are quite a few items on their menu you have to try — the key is to stick to what you like. 

The chimichangas are filled to the brim with stuffing that’s effortlessly balanced with a kick from the chile relleno. Their fajitas are their self-stated claim to fame, with a choice of chicken, beef, or shrimp. Casitas Tejas never leaves you hanging though, with flan, cuatro leches, apple chimi, and fried ice cream available for dessert!

Lolo’s Surf Cantina

Want to get a taste of the beach and some authentic Mexican food? Lolo’s Surf Cantina is where you need to be. The beachside café is one of the best places to visit in Miami if you want a hot meal alongside vibrant cantina décor. 

Start your meal with some spicy elote and work up your appetite for the range of tacos you’re going to want to try. Not only does Lolo’s cook up a mean carnitas taco, it also offers milder options like refrito and chorizo options. Pro tip: head over on Taco Tuesdays to get 50% off on them!

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