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Created to celebrate Art and Culture, Miami is the most magical place.

In 2018, Ccucu Gall-Art decided to break ground in the epicenter of Miami's Little Havana Calle 8…the gallery’s first physical space is about to be open! As Andreina Kissane, the Founder of Ccucu Gall-Art, appropriately stated, “the story is yet to be told- but the story is beginning now.”

“The story is yet to be told- but the story is beginning now.” Andreina Kissane, the Founder of Ccucu Gall-Art

As Andreina also noted, “when it comes to art and real estate development, Miami is like an oil well about to burst.” Andreina, an energetic entrepreneur with a clear vision to create a cultural and artistic hub, found Ccucu Gall-Art’s ground in Little Havana. Andreina is a Venezuelan born American who believes in contributing to a city where art and culture are essential to communal development and identity. As Andreina stated, “our city-Miami-deserves to be recognized as a cultural hub.

Miami is a cradle for tourism, business development and the home of so many people looking for a place to succeed. Miami is our home, the home of many who love the beautiful weather, cultural diversity and art.” Many artists around the world come to Miami every year. Art Basel, one of the most recognized modern and contemporary art exhibitions in the world, has only three prime destinations Basel, Hong Kong, and Miami Beach. Art Basel, held in Miami Beach, began in 2002 and has flourished since that time. Miami is becoming a worldwide epicenter for art and it is an exciting time to be involved in art in Miami.

What is Ccucu Gall-Art?

Ccucu Gall-Art is an art gallery that started in 2014 as a virtual gallery exhibiting works of art created by tremendous artists in strategic places throughout Miami. In 2016, Ccucu Gall-Art decided to look for a magnificent place where art can be exhibited and recognized by visitors and locals. With the support system of Gene Kissane, Jose Gómez and many others, Andreina was able to find the most fantastic location for Ccucu Gall-Art’s gallery. Today, we have key contributors who share the same dream as Andreina. Artists from all over the world are excited to be a part of Ccucu Gall-Art and to continue to have art in Miami flourish. We, at Ccucu Gall-Art, are so excited to welcome the contributions of these wonderful artists.

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Our gallery will be centrally situated at the junction of Calle Ocho and 11th Avenue, contiguous to downtown Miami’s new development and in the heart of Little Havana. It will serve an anchor, platform and catalyst for Miami’s many visitors and residents, alike. This gallery is both easily accessible and strategically located. Ccucu Gall-Art is the first of its kind in the area and is the natural outcrop of a vibrant city brimming with a myriad of arts and a plethora of cultural traditions. It will help to transform Little Havana into a premier destination for more than 3 million tourists who annually visit Little Havana.


Ccucu Gall-Art is going to be operating within this wonderful venue by the name of Culture. Culture will be one of the most unique destinations in Miami and throughout the world. Culture is going to contain this wonderful art gallery, a wonderful restaurant, entertainment areas-including both a rooftop lounge and a highly sought after VIP area. Culture, with its tremendous art gallery, will be a destination spot for visitors throughout the world and residents of Miami.

Most importantly, Culture’s mission is to stimulate community growth, and support for local businesses in Little Havana which is now going through a tremendous transformation and is becoming a bustling, global, tourist destination. Culture and its gallery, Ccucu Gall-Art, will serve tourists and residents alike, and more than 50 educational institutions and cultural organizations throughout the area.

COMING SOON- Calle 8 Location for Ccucu Gall-Art in the Cultural HUB- Location called “CULTURE”


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