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Protect your pets from Sago Palm Trees

Palmeras de Sagú

Here is everything you need to know about a toxin in Sago Palm Trees that is lethal to your pets

Sago Palm Trees are common plants in warmer areas of the United States, namely Florida, due to their ability to enhance outdoor areas and brighten up indoor décor. These plants are often available in nurseries or home improvement stores. However, pet owners are extremely unaware of the deadly toxin that is inside the plants. 

Cycasin is the toxin found in the seeds of Sago Palm Trees and it is considered to be of “severe” degree. It attacks the gastrointestinal tract, causing symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and refusal to eat. Other symptoms include paralysis, seizures, and more. The toxin also causes liver failure, which will have a negative effect on other organs. 

When the liver isn’t working properly, blood does not clot correctly, which leads to both internal and external bleeding, such as from the nose or gums. Extreme blood loss can lead to shock and death. 

These symptoms can be seen in pets as soon as 15 minutes post-ingestion of Cycasin. The toxicity level is dependent on the amount of the plant that is ingested and the size of the pet. 

“For example, a 10 pound dog will suffer more damage from ingesting 3 seeds than a 100 pound dog,” according to the VCA Hospitals website. 

It is not easy to diagnose toxins, but the main thing for pet owners to know is that moving quickly is essential to saving their pet. The veterinarian will rely solely on the pet owner to help their pets. In cases of recent ingestion, veterinarians may induce vomiting or pump your pet’s stomach to get the toxin out of the animal’s system. 

If the veterinarian believes that liver failure is eminent, they will initiate hospital procedures, such as IV fluids, blood transfusions, or plasma transfusions. In addition, your pet may be given medication to control vomiting and to soothe the irritated gastrointestinal tract. Antibiotics may also be used on your pets. 

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