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Miami’s Best Tex Mex Restaurants

Burritos, tacos, enchiladas. Yes, our mouths are watering, too check out Miami’s Best Tex Mex Restaurants

With so many restaurants to eat at in Miami, it’s understandable if you really can’t decide where to go next. However, if you’re craving some really good Mexican food, we can help you out. Here are the best Tex Mex places to eat in Miami.


Located in Wynwood, Bakan is one of the best Tex Mex Restaurants in Miami. With an airy patio and a top selection of mezcal, Bakan is full of tourists and locals alike. With items like Asado a la Lena, tacos de carnitas prensadas, and aguachiles, you'll be hard-pressed to find restaurants in Miami with more delicious food or a better ambiance.

Lolo’s Surf Cantina

Nothing beats Mexican food by the beach. Renowned chef Richard Ampudia owns an adorable little Mexican joint located in the Stanton Hotel's beachside basement, Lolo’s Surf Cantina

Bringing his native Mexico City to the South Beach, you can dine on hearty Mexican dishes like crab tostadas with mango and habanero. Lolo’s offers multiple healthy options, from the-of-the-moment proteins like cauliflower stuffed tacos for those looking to eat Mexican that won’t leave them with heartburn!

Casita Tejas Mexican Restaurant

If you want to experience some mind-blowing authentic Tex Mex Restaurants at low prices, Casita Tejas is the way to go. If you’re visiting, don’t forget to try their sauce-smothered enchiladas, chimichangas and stuffed bell peppers for a spicy, saucy kick. Based in Homestead Casita Teja is one of the best Mexican restaurants in the area!


Now located in Sunset Harbor, Tequiztlan is owned by the Oritz family, who pioneered authentic Mexican cuisine in South Beach. If you’re looking for good food and great booze, Tequitzlan is the place to go. Serving authentic Mexican food with the best margaritas, Tequitzlan has rightfully earned its place as one of Miami's top Mexican restaurants.

Talavera Cocina Mexicana

Offering patrons an abundant menu of delicious Mexican dishes to try out, Talavera has delicious dessert and food for all. From braised beef chuck ribs to conchita pibil made with pork and achiote marinade inside banana leaves, Talavera is a Mexican staple. Serving specialties from regions all over Mexico, Talvera’s daily specials are what make it stand out.

Cantina La Veinte

Ranked as one of Miami’s best restaurants, Cantina La Veinte is the best high-end Mexican restaurant you’ll find in Miami. With stellar margaritas and live mariachi bands, you’ll get the whole Mexican dining experience. 

Catch chef Santiago Gomez cooking all sorts of Mexican dishes in the open kitchen, including some delicious treats garnished with chapulines (grasshoppers), smothered with sauce, and flavored with spice.

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