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Marcus Lemonis battles food insecurity

In partnership with Alex Rodriguez and GrubHub, Marcus Lemonis helps local businesses and Americans in need

Marcus Lemonis has created the “Plating Change” Program, established through The Lemon-Aid Foundation. Known for his hit show, The Profit, Lemonis has kickstarted this program with a $1 million donation. He has also partnered with GrubHub, baseball icon Alex Rodriguez, the MLB, NHRA, and NASCAR.

The “Plating Change” Program will support local restaurants and families in need. This will happen by purchasing meals from restaurants for those families. This work is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many families are currently battling food insecurity. It also supports employees working at these restaurants. 

Half of the original $1 million donation will go to World Central Kitchen and GrubHub. Both organizations will use the funding to take action in different cities. New York City, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Miami are among the list of cities. 

The remaining $500,000 will be donated to charities that fight food insecurity. Donations will also go to local restaurants who have suffered due to COVID-19. 

Two of these restaurants are in Little Havana. Sanguich de Miami, a local Cuban sandwich shop, and Taquerias el Mexicano, an authentic Mexican restaurant, were both featured. Lemonis bought meals from these restaurants to increase their revenue and feed the local community.

Lemonis and his partnerships are also opening the donations beyond the organizations. GrubHub is allowing consumers to donate until Dec. 31. Through the Donate the Change program, customers can round their total up. The difference will go to the World Central Kitchen.

GrubHub will also be donating $100,000 to Word Central Kitchen. When GrubHub+ members take part in Donate the Change, GrubHub will match the donation. 

Anyone nationwide can donate $10 or more to the support the program via the plating change website

For more information, visit the above website or follow Marcus Lemonis on Instagram (@marcuslemonis). 

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