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Isabella Amore shakes up the scene once again

Isabella Amore

Local dancer Isabella Amore gives an insight into what her life has been like since the pandemic began

The COVID-19 pandemic shut down many restaurants and nightclubs, putting many workers out of jobs. These workers include dancers like Isabella Amore, who was a dancer at the Ball and Chain prior to its indefinite shutdown. 

"Times have been tough for all dancers, and I haven't had any luck finding dance jobs during the pandemic but that doesn’t stop me from my number one passion, dancing”. 

Isabella Amore
isabella amore dancing - Isabella Amore shakes up the scene once again

Amore makes sure to dance every day to perfect her craft and also teaches a children’s dance class in a socially distant manner. While she still finds maintaining financial stability to be a bit difficult, Amore notes that she had been saving money for an emergency like this, which provides her with a bit of relief. However, she is also aware that her savings will not last forever, so she is searching for a long-term solution.

Part of that search has included working with the Miami Movement Company to do a video and photoshoots. In partnership with director and owner Rene Rodriguez and project manager and lead makeup artist Jennesey Perez, Amore has been working as a lead dancer and assistant project manager on their videos. 

The team created a series of videos inspired by Lady Gaga’s album Chromatica, which was released in late May. Amore and the team fell in love with the album, immediately beginning to choreograph dances to the songs. They filmed three different videos based on the songs in the album and the videos can also be found on the ReneRodOfficial YouTube page.

“There are three parts because she takes you on a journey,” said Amore. 

isabella amore rock - Isabella Amore shakes up the scene once again

Amore recommends that everyone listens to the album to get a stronger insight into what the videos are trying to portray. The videos were released on three separate dates: August 7, August 14, and August 21. Viewers will be able to access the videos through the link in Amore’s Instagram bio

Despite these video-shoots, though, Amore still notes that her and many other entertainment girls are still struggling. Many of them rely on working every Friday through Sunday, but because COVID-19 has shut down so many restaurants, bars and clubs, their jobs have been cancelled. However, Amore remains in high spirits.

“As soon as places begin to open, you will catch me and several dancers getting our heels on and hitting the stage.”

Isabella Amore

About Isabella Amore

Isabella Amore is a professional dancer originally from Fort Lauderdale, but she moved to Miami two years ago to pursue a degree in dance. Beyond working at Ball and Chain prior to its closing, she dances at Los Altos and is a lead dancer at Spectacle Entertainment. Amore has danced at major festivals in Miami, as well as at private events during Super Bowl LIV, and has even been featured on The Late Late Show with James Corden as a salsa dancer.

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