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Illegal dumping violator traced to his grandmother’s

Illegal dumping

Earlier this month officers at the Miami Dade County Department of  Solid Waste Management (DSWM) Special Investigations Unit saw images of an illegal dumping violator taken from a hidden camera near Southwest 98th Avenue and Southwest 36th Street.

In the photographs, there was a red pick-up truck heaped with a large cardboard box and an enormous amount of foam packing material. The box and packing material were both left behind at the site by the violator. 

In pursuing the investigation, the officers found information that lead them to a nearby residence, where they met the violator’s grandmother. Upon greeting the officers, the grandmother confirmed that the violator lived in that house. She also confirmed that the violator used his stepfather’s pick-up truck to abandon waste. 

The DSWM officers issued a citation of $260 to the violator. The violator was also required to return to the site of the disposal and clean up the waste that he had left behind.

In Miami Dade County, illegal dumping is a crime. Any perpetrator that is caught will be subject to a fine, vehicle confiscation and potential arrest and incarceration. Any witnesses of illegal dumping should call 911 as it is happening.

The DSWM discourages people from confronting an illegal dumping violator. Instead, try to get the license plate number or a description of the vehicle used to commit the crime. To report a past incident, DSWM encourages residents to call 311.

Residents can also report incidents using the MDC Solid Waste Mobile app, available in the iTunes and Google Play stores. 

DSWM customers who need to discard large items can call 311 or visit this website to schedule a bulky waste pickup or locate the nearest Trash and Recycling Center (TRC). 

For more information, visit this website. 

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