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Homegrown Restaurants and KIKO

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In light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, local Homegrown restaurants are coming together to support the community.

Many homegrown restaurants are , family businesses, and now more than ever they are in need of community support to keep them going. A group of these local restaurants were invited by @querikoconkiko to participate in sending a message out to the community through a video that was also co-produced by @querikoconkiko.

In a video that was recently published on social media, 13 restaurant owners and Miamians came together to ask for support from the community during this crisis. These restaurants include: Giardinos Gourmet Salads, Latin House Grill, Pinecrest Bakery, Mojo Donuts, Cuban Guys, Go Sushi Maki, Sergios Restaurant, Sergios Cuban, Arbetter Hot Dogs, 3 Chefs and a Chicken, Pincho, Hate Mondays Tavern, Sports Grill, Empanada Harry’s, Azucar Ice Cream, and Natural Chicken Grill. 

Click here to watch the video

These restaurants have been up and running for many years, some even decades, serving their customers. 

“We have dedicated ourselves to building small businesses and doing what we do best, serve others,” said Abe Ng of Go Sushi Maki. Owner of Cuban Guys, Jorge Llapur, adds that the restaurants have done all they needed to do to ensure the safety of their customers during this pandemic. 

The owners understand that you have many options to choose from when you decide what to eat for dinner each night. However, this is the time to support your local restaurants. In the past, the community has been impacted by hardships like hurricanes and these restaurants have been there for support. 

This is still the case during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the past, these establishments have donated food and participated in events, like 5ks and galas. They plan to continue to stay strong and be there for the community now for whatever it needs. 

In the video, the owners of these restaurants showed their faces to make this personal. In a powerful opening, Jimmy Piedrahita, owner of Mojo Donuts, said, “We are the faces behind some of your favorite homegrown family owned restaurants in Miami.”

These restaurants employ single mothers, heads of families, young people and old. Their employees are dependent on their income to survive, especially during such a sensitive time as this. This is why they need your help and support to keep their businesses running. 

Restaurants have been forced to close their dining rooms to protect their employees and customers from possible spreading of the coronavirus. This is a safety precaution that could also cause local restaurants to lose money. However, these restaurants are still open.

“We are asking you to please don’t forget about us. We need your support”

Karl Hayden, owner of Hate Mondays Tavern

If you wish to watch the video, it can be found on Instagram TV, titled, “Continue to support your local restaurants!” 

These homegrown restaurants remain open for takeout and delivery to help you and your family stay fed and healthy during this crisis. To show your support, you can order delivery or takeout through their applications, websites, and third-party applications like Postmates and Uber Eats. 

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