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Fashion Jewelry by D’Cary Designs

D'cary Designs Jewelry

Miami based handcrafted fashion jewelry by D’Cary designs will add a touch of class to your closet

Jewelry adds the finishing touch to any outfit and compliments a woman’s features like no other. If you are searching for fashion jewelry that is unique and handmade, look no further, D’Cary Designs has you covered! 

Based in Calle Ocho, D’Cary Designs jewelry is made with natural stones and is inspired by the fashion jewelry trends of the current time. Every piece is handcrafted, which means that no two pieces are exactly the same. 

“I am most inspired when I see beautiful clothes and fabrics all spread out on my table. I start to craft designs that I know every woman in Miami would desire to wear,” said owner and designer Caridad Peraza. 

Born in Cuba, raised in Puerto Rico, and currently living in Miami, Peraza loves her job. She always had an eye for details and jewelry, which allows her to create the gorgeous pieces that you will find at her store. 

She shared, “I love what I do. I think people should be more aware of the value of handcrafted products. I want my jewelry to be well known and worn by all women.”

Her designs are also deeply rooted in nature. She uses natural stones and shapes them to fit the designs of her choice. When you wear D’Cary Designs, you are representing nature in its most beautiful form. 

The pandemic brought challenges to D’Cary Designs. “Since we are in a highly touristic area, the pandemic impacted our sales,” said Peraza. Due to this, they had to pivot to the competitive online market to make more sales. 

D’Cary Designs is ready to lift your outfits! Quite literally allowing you to carry a piece of Miami with you and make you feel beautiful doing it! 

Be sure to check out their online store and follow them on Instagram @dcarydesign to get their newest styles! 

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