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Emotional ties in your relationship

Every day we understand more about the emotional ties and how do they affect us. They have always been there, but being unaware of them is one of the main reasons for our relationships problems.

How to know if you are living emotional ties?

The emotional or energetic ties present in multiple ways in our life, it can be with a couple, just ending a relationship or even single. Some of the following examples may sound familiar to you:

  • You find yourself repeatedly arguing with your partner, you want to stop, but something pushes you to keep fighting, triggering your partner and creating a dead end circle. This is a clear pattern of emotional ties in communication.
  • You are ending a relationship, you know it brings no good to no one, but sex seems to be the thread where the string bursts and suddenly, you find yourself entangled again with that person. These are the sexual ties.
  • You ended a relationship a while ago, but no matter how you try, something keeps you thinking about this person. Unaware, you talk about him, you complain, judging or longing. Here you can see the emotional ties at a mental level.

All different kind of emotional ties have one thing in common:  they generate self-destructive behaviors that you feel you cannot control.

Do you find easy to advise others, but struggle to apply what you say in your personal things? This happens because each person is dealing with the addictions caused by their own emotional ties.

How emotional ties create and how do they physically work?

The first step is to understand that: a thought always generates an emotion. If you tell the saddest story of your life, drowning your mind with that kind of thoughts, soon your body will react with the emotion of sadness. This means that thoughts condition our emotional state.

The emotional ties feed on the thoughts that we assign to the various aspects of our relationship. We constantly think about what the other did, remembering what your partner said, picturing what he could be doing. There are thousands of options, but the most important task is identifying the emotion that it unleashes inside your body.

After months, perhaps years of bombarding your mind with thoughts and your body with emotions, the dense emotions energy begin to solidify. This creates an energy cord between the other person and you that seems to be detachable; this is what we know as the emotional ties.

Emotional ties always link to emotions such as anguish, guilt, anger, fear, sadness, and depression, generated by behaviors such as conflict, distrust, lack, interest, and need.

So how we release emotional ties?

The first step is to be aware of them since we are unconsciously addicted to the generated emotions. The dysfunctional need we have for the other person or the lived abuse has a psychological origin not only in the mind but also physical. When you already know there is an addiction and an emotional tie, you can start making new decisions and actions.

It is crucial to know yourself and learn about how your mind and emotions affect your body. The way they have taught us to relate makes us prone to creating emotional ties, when they tell us: do not give in yourself, keep a card up your sleeve, you have to manipulate a little to get what you want, etc.

The truth is we are designed to relate in a healthy and harmonious way.

The answer lies in the difference between EMOTIONAL BONDS and emotional ties.

When we start a relationship, we naturally create energetic bonds with the other person. When these energetic bonds are free from attitudes such as manipulation, lack, need, and conflict, we create harmonious and effective relationships.

If dense emotions create emotional ties, then high vibration and attitudes create emotional links.  When a relationship is built based on appreciation, gratitude, and love, what you will naturally live is joy, tranquility, and satisfaction.

This does not mean there will not be arguing or disagreeing, what you must be aware is about the thoughts and emotions with which you constantly feed the idea of your relationship and your partner.

Do you want to let go the emotional ties to create your relationship?

Learning to build your relationship on these positive values is life changing. Relationships have a profound influence on how we feel about our lives and ourselves. How your relationships are determine how your life is. If you are experiencing conflict or joy in the relationships with your family, work or friends, this is how you are feeling in your daily life.

This is the importance of recognizing the emotional ties and learning to release them to make new life decisions.



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