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Death of Florida boy leads to more firework safety


Here is what you need to know about firework safety

In July 2018, a 16 year old boy in Florida was pronounced dead after a shrapnel was found penetrating his heart and lung. The victim was holding a firework mortar tube when it exploded in his hand, leaving him with a 2-inch wound in his chest, along with burns on his face and skin. 

Of 9,100 firework related injuries in the United States in 2018, more than half were to Americans younger than 20 years of age. 64 percent of the injuries were to males, and 44 percent of the accidents were burns. Overall, there were five deaths. 

July is Firework Safety Month, which makes it the best time for everyone to become educated about firework safety. Prior to Independence Day, there are some safety tips that everyone should learn to prevent injuries like the aforementioned ones. 

First, in order to light fireworks, they must be legal in your area and you must be aware of the dates and times when lighting fireworks is allowed. You must not set them off under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

Next, do not give the fireworks to children and supervise teenagers to be sure they are using the fireworks safely. Be sure to wear protective eye gear and light them on an inflammable surface. In addition, try to find safer alternatives to sparklers, which are hot enough to cause burns. Alternatives include confetti, glow sticks, and streamers. 

In addition to firework safety, during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to continue social distancing during any and all celebrations this 4th of July. 

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