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Danielle Cohen Higgins makes county history

This year has brought much hardship to our community. Along with the global Covid pandemic, there has been a resurgence of racism and hate. Thankfully, there are people that still stand to stop this spread and advocate for positive changes in our society. One of these people is District 8 Commissioner, Danielle Cohen Higgins. 

Cohen Higgins is the daughter of two Jamaican immigrants that came to the United States seeking a better future for themselves and their family. She was born and raised in Miami- Dade, and today she still resides in South Dade with her husband and two kids. Unfortunately, her father passed away when Cohen Higgins was still very young. In turn, she was raised by her mother, whom she describes as her, “idol for her strength and grace.” 

From a young age, she worked hard to fight stereotypes and achieve her goals and dreams. This led her to be the first in her family to attend college, which she did at the University of Florida for her undergraduate education and at Florida State University to become a lawyer.  Upon becoming the Commissioner of District 8, she became the first Jamaican-American and is the only Black female currently serving on the Miami-Dade County Commission. 

Danielle Cohen Higgins truly shows that one can work hard and accomplish even the things that have never been done before. She knows that being the first Jamaican-American to serve in her role is very special for her and the Miami-Dade community. 

Danielle Cohen Higgins

“Our community is home to many families from across the Caribbean and beyond, and I am proud to represent the diversity of our amazing Miami-Dade. Representation matters and it demonstrates the health of our local democracy, which should be reflective of its people. This honor also comes with a duty to ensure that I am not the last and that I use my voice for all of Miami-Dade.”

Commissioner Danielle Cohen Higgins.

Being a part of the local community, Cohen Higgins understands what residents are going through. These rough times have been difficult for many, but it is comforting to know that there is a representative that can relate to what the community is facing. As she said, “I am focused on doing all I can to be an effective representative of the hard-working residents of District 8. I believe that we have an opportunity to provide innovative solutions for South Dade as well as build a future that is more equitable, affordable, and sustainable for all of us.” 

The amount of inequity in the United States is very unfortunate. However, do not let this stand in the way of achieving success. Cohen Higgins reminds her constituents, “Do not be afraid or apologetic about using your voice. Whether in public service or business, believe in your ability to achieve and do not allow fear to get in your way. Your talents and perspectives are essential so that we can become an even greater community!” 

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