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Cuban American Artist Annie M.

Annie M.

Annie M. is an upcoming Cuban-American artist. Annie was born and raised in Miami and has always been interested in painting and filling colors into everything she sees around her. But according to Annie, her love for colors and art isn’t new. She started painting at an incredibly young age and hasn’t stopped since.

On her Facebook page, you’re going to find Annie M.'s most popular paintings that have added to her fame in the local community. Be it cups, masks, or paintings in wooden frames, Annie has always liked to give ordinary objects a different look by her unique perspective of analyzing everything around her.

Since she has Cuban roots and grew up within the Cuban culture, her art depicts her Cuban heritage on several occasions. Thus, her art style is appreciated amongst the Cuban American community because it gives other people a sense of representation and validation.

Apart from her familial roots, Annie has also been keen on including her life in Miami in her paintings. According to her, this city has given her the inspiration and motivation to become a painter. Annie feels the lights, the diverse culture, and the assortment of tastes you can experience from a mere walk in the streets of Miami have been nothing less than rousing for her painting career.

Very cleverly, Annie tries to show off her different sides in her paintings, which depict the vibrant culture of Miami, blending with the strong ethos of Cuba. This is also one reason why her most famous work shows her four different “faces.” This painting is a unique blend of watercolors and oil paints, and she focused on spatula strokes while creating this masterpiece.

If you’re interested in seeing her work in person, you can visit her studio, located in Futurama 1637 Galleries, 1637 SW 8th Street, Miami, Florida, or you can simply follow her Facebook and Instagram @artbyanniem.

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