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Fertility Heaven can change your life forever

The formation of a family is something that many dream of. Having a child could be the most significant factor of a person’s life, but often it is not so simple. This is where Fertility Heaven can step in to help. 

Fertility Heaven is a family-owned and operated business that provides the services that can make having a child possible. They work with donors, surrogates, and families that wish to have a child. This clinic is quite unique because they offer a very personalized approach. Due to her own experience in this process, owner Miriam Torres goes above and beyond to ensure everyone is comfortable throughout their journey. 

Many are reluctant to take this step in their lives and seek the help they need to be able to reach their dreams. It could be a very painful, and stressful experience with endless questions and possibilities. At the same time, if you find yourself in this situation, give yourself a chance. 

As Miriam Torres said, “Once I was going through this process, I did not see her as being from a donor egg, I saw her as my child.”

Fertility Heaven also works with those looking to become surrogate mothers and egg donors. Doing either of these is a humanitarian act of kindness of the highest levels. There are multiple benefits to doing it, but just a few include health coverage, $40,000 that is paid in nine installments, access to support and therapy throughout the entire process. Desired ladies for either of these programs are between 21 to 38 for surrogates and 21 to 28 for egg donors.

“If you are able to do it and you are in a healthy state, you should do this. The gift that you are bringing to another is completely beyond what you can imagine,” said Torres. 

Fertility Heaven helps intended parents from all backgrounds, with all kinds of circumstances. Whether part of the LGBTQ community or traditional couples, the agency is ready to help!

To find out more about the services that they offer and fill out an application, be sure to visit their website. To stay up to date with their services and stories, follow Fertility Heaven on Instagram at  @fertilityheaven

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