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Yoga: From Theory To Practice


Which are the most known yoga styles and where you can find the best yoga studio in Miami

These days society teaches you that you can find your happiness and fulfillment in a luxury car, a bigger house, clothes or if you have a super model body. The real fact is that true happiness lies inside you, beneath your insecurities and material desires. Through the practice of yoga, you can bring it out to the surface and keep it there by becoming more conscious of your powers.

For a deeper meaning, the word yoga means "union", the union of the individual consciousness and the universal consciousness or spirit. Yoga isn't just a series of physical exercises, but a process of becoming more conscious of your physical body, thoughts, emotions and surroundings.

Yoga Styles

There are many yoga styles or paths as they are also known. Here is a list of the most practiced ones.

  • Iyengar: It is a classic style, perfect for beginners or for those with back and joints problems. It uses props like chairs, straps, blocks, pillows and sandbags, to compensate for a lack of flexibility. Practicing this type of yoga you will tone your muscles, release tension and fight chronic pain.
  • Ashtanga: A more difficult type for increasing your strength and stamina. It's involving quickly moves from a position to another in order to build strength and flexibility.
  • Hatha: Simple and comfortable poses, focusing on breathing and meditation.
  • Kundalini: Involves mantras (chanting), meditation, visualizations, controlled breathing and guided relaxation.
  • Sivananda: A system of 12 poses, Sun Salutation, breathing exercises, relaxation and mantras.
  • Raja: More focused on meditation and suitable for people who are capable of intense concentration.
  • Bhakti: Also based on meditation, it's about self-surrender in the face of the Divine.
  • Mantra: It brings the liberation of the mind by verbal or mental repetition of empowered sounds like “om,” “hum,” or “ram.”

Hot yoga

Bikram (hot yoga) is another style practiced in hot rooms where the temperature is 100 degrees F or higher to replicate the temperature from India. It implies 26 postures that are performed in a certain order, delivering more oxygen through your entire body. Usually the intensity is very high and the exercises are physically demanding.

Hot Yoga House Miami has a large variety of hot yoga and classic yoga styles, meditation and pilates, from 90 minutes sessions to silent sessions where the teacher is not giving instructions. Everybody is welcomed at their classes, even if you are a beginner or an expert because they will recommend the best yoga styles and postures that are right for your body and your level.

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