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Viernes Culturales presents Little Havana LIVE

Anneliese hand up - Viernes Culturales presents Little Havana LIVE

The Coronavirus pandemic has led us at Viernes Culturales to launch Little Havana Live (#LHLIVE) so that we can continue to engage the community by finding a unique place in digital media like everyone else.

At a time when thinking outside the box sets the mice from the men apart this is a great idea that will probably be around post Coronavirus.  You can go to @viernesculturales on Instagram everyday Monday through Friday at 4pm on IG LIVE to enjoy it with the rest of us. You may even see parts of Miami that you probably didn’t know existed. 

One of the worst things that can happen is Miami losing any iconic businesses due to this crisis.  We felt this was the perfect opportunity to provide short presentations from different places throughout the neighborhood, historic sites and local businesses.  By increasing awareness of the attractions, we have in our own backyard we can perhaps entice our locals to be more present and partake when we are free to roam again. 

So far it is proving to serve the community as a distraction and a sort of schooling on places nearby they may have not been aware of which is all we want.  It provides everyone an opportunity to connect and get to know the community’s hidden gem as a virtual event streaming online @viernesculturales LIVE at 4pm, Monday thru Friday, via Instagram.  

This idea was put together by a group of creative Little Havana residents. Denise Galvez of GMPR, who directs Public Relations for Viernes Culturales and yours truly Anneliese Morales, a Viernes Culturales Ambassador, Cultural Guide, and finally Little Havana Historian.   

I will  entertain you, educate you, and bring to you the experience of collaboration between sponsors such as Bacardi, Miami Marlins, Café La Llave as well as other local ambassadors, who support the festival on a monthly basis through sponsorships and donations. 

Like-minded people have been connecting, which has not only helped the organization, but also the people it serves. So far we have done 10 episodes about the most popular places like Domino Park.  We keep it interesting by taking viewers to unique sites such as the Ceiba tree, Miami High School, and discussing iconic artists,  such as Cartoonist Aristides Pumariega, one of the best in the world, whose murals by Cuba Ocho, are often overlooked by visitors! 

Truth is, even the #LHLIVE creators are learning something new and inspiring with each episode, allowing them to see a positive, brighter future for everyone, aside from themselves!

Viernes Culturales is a community nonprofit organization that promotes and supports art, history and culture in the heart of Little Havana.  They have conducted a festival every month for the past twenty years in Domino Park.  This monthly street festival is a staple that any true Miamian knows about and if you are one of those that don’t then we will see you every third Friday of the month at Domino Park or  

@viernesculturales on Instagram everyday Monday through Friday at 4pm on IG LIVE.

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