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What is a TimerCap?


This clever TimerCap tool can save some lives

The opioid crisis is a threatening problem that U.S. is confronting with right now. The crisis has made many victims among both adults and children. On this line, a new law that prohibits Florida minors from buying some cough syrup brands took effect at the beginning of 2017.

But what about the minors that are always in contact with opioids because their parents are on an opioid treatment? Or what about the patients that are mentally impaired by the opioids and they need tools for monitoring their last drug intake?

Cognitively impaired patients need automatic timers that count up since last opened to let patients and caregivers to truly monitor usage and prevent unintended abuse, household diversion detection, and to know when it is safe to operate a motor vehicle.

The superhero cap

TimerCap is a cap with a built-in stopwatch, it resets every time you close the container and begins to count up to display time passed since last closed. It is an inexpensive tool that have been proven to help patients take their medication as prescribed and it's also perfect for opioid tracking and diversion detection.

TimerCaps keep all vital information such as patient name, medication name, pill descriptions, dosage, side effects, warnings, prescribing doctor, pharmacy, and refill information because the caps can be used on the original medication bottles. This makes it simple for easy identification of medications and time of last dosage in case of emergency.

Satisfied customers

Your TimerCaps may have saved my son's life. I have Timer Caps on several of my medications as well as one of my son's. Several weeks ago, in a rush, my husband gave my son the wrong medication - 2 of my pain pills that were nearby my son's daily medication, said a TimerCap customer.

When she went to take her pills, she realized that the bottle had been opened 9 minutes ago and that her son's medication hadn't been opened since that morning.

After confirming with my husband that he did give my son his evening medication, (and I now knew what he really was given), we went to the ER and he was admitted overnight where they took counter measures and monitored him for 24 hours. Luckily, he was fine, said the customer.

She also said that the caps helped her family and eased their job managing their medications on a daily basis.

TimerCaps are sold at any CVS and Rite Aid Pharmacies worldwide. You can also buy a TimerCap on Amazon or from the official website

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