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South Floridians calling for help


South Floridians calling on President Obama to provide more help for Haiti

Unfortunately, Haiti was once again devastated by Hurricane Matthew on October 4, 2016. South Florida citizens and members from different communities have gathered together as brothers and sisters for the Haitian citizens. They sent a letter to Mr. President Barack Obama to provide more help for those in need.

The death toll in Haiti from Hurricane Matthew is said to be close to 1,000 and over 350,000 people are in need as they have lost everything.

Here is a copy of the letter that was addressed to President Obama:

Dear Mr. President,

It is estimated that 500,000 residents of South Florida Community are from our Caribbean neighbor, the Republic of Haiti. We come together, as American Citizens, to request that the American Military be immediately deployed to Haiti for the sole mission of establishing Tent Cities in the Southern part of Haiti that was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew and is now described by many as a total disaster area.

Tents, make-shift hospitals and portable latrines are essential to maintaining and retaining the lives of survivors of this deadly Hurricane. To date, it is being reported, by those attempting to deliver aide as well as those in need of help, that there are several localities/neighborhoods inaccessible by road due to flooding, mudslides or just general debris. This means that there are people still dying daily - despite having survived the actual Hurricane.

While we appreciate the 30 plus number of the Air Forces Contingency Response Wing known as the CRW and the Navy’s contribution; it seems, for a Nation as great as ours, a paltry attempt at providing assistance, under the circumstances; and, especially considering that Haiti and Haitians as have been there for the USA many times in the past. Who can forget that Haitians fought and died in the American Revolution that was part of the foundation of this great nation. The French Military trained many Haitians slaves to fight as mercenaries alongside the USA in its war for independence. Haiti’s war for its liberty and independence caused the French to agree to the Louisiana purchase which resulted in doubling the size of the US territory at that time. Haiti’s vote is in support of the US’ efforts at the United Nations, broke the tie that led to the creation of the State of Israel. Haiti also aligned itself with the US during the cold war. As American benefactors of these great and good faith gestures from Haiti we urge our Government, though you our Leader, to please, do better.

We know, from our American experience, it is the National Guard and other Military or quasi-Military Entities that are deployed in desperate times to bring stability to the lives of the surviving victims. The current situation is Haiti is dire enough to require, demand and command just such a deployment.

Though the call may be late, we can all agree that we need to do whatever we can to humanitarianly remove these innocent victims from this daunting wilderness that they find themselves in.

We pray that you hear our plead.

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