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Solar Trees Coming soon to City of Miami Parks

Solar Trees

Solar Trees Coming soon to City of Miami Parks

Solar trees will soon be installed in City of Miami parks, after the City of Miami Commission approved a resolution put forth by Commissioner Manolo Reyes of District 4, to establish the Solar Tree and Renewable Energy Program. The program, in partnership with Florida Power and Light, will place solar power generating shelters within the parks of District 4 with the City’s option to review additional locations for inclusion in the program.

Part of Renewable Energy Initiative proposed by Commissioner Manolo Reyes

“Solar technology is proven reliable and it is imperative that, as a City, we make the transition to clean, renewable energy needed for the future of our planet,” said Commissioner Reyes. “I look forward to seeing the solar trees pop up in District 4 parks and across the City.”

These community-based solar arrays are a part of FPL SolarNow, a voluntary program that provides FPL customers with an easy way to support the development of solar arrays in local communities. FPL will construct, install and maintain the solar trees.

Solar arrays will be installed at the following parks in District 4: West End Park, Coral Gate Park, and Bay of Pigs Park. All of these solar trees will feature shaded seating areas and charging stations for electronic devices. An added benefit of the program, said Commissioner Reyes, is that this will encourage the discussion about renewable energy and becoming a resilient community.

“Kids and adults alike will see these solar trees, and will become curious about solar energy, encouraging discussion about sustainability and inspiring them to learn more about the benefits of using renewable energy,” added Commissioner Reyes.

Estimated Power Generation

The solar trees, which can generate between one to three kilowatts, represent a financial benefit to the City of Miami as well, as FPL will pay the city a license fee of $50 per kilowatt for the solar trees and shelters as well as an additional two percent annual increase for the duration of the agreement. The fund generated by this program will be allocated to the parks where they are installed in. The solar canopies at West End Park will be capable of generating a minimum of 10 kilowatts of energy – enough to power 10 classrooms for a year. We put a big emphasis on the educational component of these solar arrays.

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