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The Snapchat Spectacles


Make memories from your perspective with the Snapchat Spectacles

The Snapchat App has a great success worldwide, being able to captivate the people attention with simple functions, funny filters and a complex messaging system. Because the video content it's so important on this platform, the company launched the Spectacles that are able to record video clips from your perspective. Now you are able to live the moment and capture it without staring into a cell phone.

The spectacles are available in one unusual form and they come in three different colors from which you can choose: black, blue and red. They are equipped with a video camera which has a wide opening lens to simulate as much as it can the perspective of the human eye.

When you want to record a video, you just have to push the button located on the frame. You can record for 10 seconds and you are able to extend this time by pushing again on the button to record another 10 seconds. Anyway, you can record for maximum 30 seconds, meaning you are allowed to push the button three times.

Once you’ve paired, the videos you take with Specs import to Snapchat automatically when you have Snapchat open and your Specs are nearby. If you have an Android based smartphone you are able to transfer your videos via Wifi connection. If you use an iOS phone you can also transfer the videos via Bluetooth, beside the Wifi transfer.

You can use the spectacles for one day after you fully charged the battery. The package contains a socket charger and a case which has an integrated battery that can charge the glasses four times.

The spectacles are designed to work with Snapchat and only Snapchat. The Snapchat Spectacles were launched this autumn and you can buy a pair for $130.

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