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A smarter way to fight traffic tickets


Miami-based tech start-up TIKD, launches web app to help fight traffic tickets in two minutes or less all from the comfort of your phone

1 - A smarter way to fight traffic tickets

TIKD, a Miami based tech startup, has developed and launched a web application to help drivers resolve their traffic tickets in two minutes or less, straight from their phones. TIKD is the first web app to provide a hassle-free solution to traffic tickets and has named Miami as the first market to begin its nation-wide roll out this year.

TIKD discovered over 90% of people decide that the hassle and risk of fighting their ticket is not worth the time or stress. They simply pay it, even when the insurance company may up their monthly charges, adding up to $1,000 a year on average. That doesn’t even include the risk of a tarnished driving record or the possibility of getting points on your license. That’s where TIKD comes in.

After being issued a traffic ticket, users just snap a photo of their ticket, upload it onto the TIKD platform, answer a few quick questions and pay, saving up to 20% off the ticket. And that’s it, goodbye ticket. TIKD even guarantees 0 points on your license or TIKD will give its customers a full refund. Just snap it, pay it, forget it.

“When I first came up with the idea for TIKD, I had been issued multiple traffic tickets in a short period of time. I quickly realized my options to fighting these tickets were limited. At TIKD, we want to empower people by providing an easily accessible and hassle-free solution to an ongoing issue everyone has dealt with at least once. We’re proud of where we have come with TIKD and with over 1 million traffic tickets issued per year in Miami-Dade, we are excited to introduce TIKD into the market,” stated Chris Riley, Founder of TIKD.

TIKD has launched in Miami Dade and plans to roll out nationwide by the end of 2017. The web app is available free of charge and doesn’t need to be downloaded onto your phone. Users will only pay a portion of their ticket cost to get it off their hands. The whole process takes two minutes or less. Just snap it, pay it, forget it.

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