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Let a public assessor do the hard work


Don't lose your mind dealing with your insurance company

When your house suffers a damage, the first thing you're thinking about is how much it will cost to repair it. Usually, these kind of events happen unexpectedly, so in the most cases we aren't financially prepared to pay the repairs. The next thing you do is to call your insurance company and hope for the best. Insurance companies can be very tricky and that's why you need a public assessor.

Stellar Public Adjusting is in charge of leading free visits to your house to check the damage and let you know what kind of cover your property has and also explain with better understanding about your policy.

Usually, the insurance policy covers more than only hurricanes and floods damages and there are some steps to take for your complaint to be successful. Unfortunately, many people think that they can deal directly with the insurance company, but they immediately realize that there are certain regulations and requisites that only a professional with knowledge in the field has, just like a public assessor.

Luckily for you, Stellar Public Adjusting is ready to take charge of everything, starting with filing the complaint to the insurance, coordinating and attending the appointment with your insurance company, and preparing an estimate of damages that we will use to negotiate your case until receiving the highest offer for your case.

Stellar Public Adjusting has negotiated thousands of cases for houses, buildings, and businesses with great success. They extend their assistance and suggest you to call them and accept a free visit. If you aren’t sure that your damages are covered, call them and they will be able to clear your doubts: 305-396-9110.

Stellar Public Adjusting only gets payment if you receive payment. Their team of experts is ready to help you. You just need to take this first step and call.

Stellar Public Adjusting
Open 24 hours – 7 days a week
Phone number: 305-570-3519/305-396-9110
Immediate Response Time – 30 Minutes

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