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Pinecrest Bakery

pinecrest bakery - Pinecrest Bakery

Cuban cultural roots in our community (bakery)

In Miami’s Village of Pinecrest, a craving ignited by their Cuban cultural roots sparked a desire to build a bakery with everything that they love in the center of their community. On December 18, 2012, they opened their doors.

They stand for values that guide the reason for their existence: to serve you and your families with the hospitality of their own Latin American culture. It is their desire to make you feel as though you are welcomed into their family kitchen, where they gather around to talk and enjoy in one another’s presence.

They value people of all traditions and wish to modernize the social landscape by diffusing an understanding of the similarities among all cultures in our modern world.

It is their mission to provide modern families and the fast casual consumer of all cultural backgrounds with authentic, delectable and affordable Latin American food that is prepared with only the freshest, high-quality ingredients delivered consistently in an upscale environment and homelike atmosphere.


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