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No more frustrations after a car accident


Jose A. Dapena, P.A., the guide you need after a car accident

Being involved in a car accident can affect you on a short-term, long-term, and permanently in some unfortunate cases. This could mean thousand of dollars spent on medical treatment, lost wages or even the possibility to lose your job. Furthermore, these events could cause financial problems for the person involved and for his/her family.

Jose A. Dapena, Esq., is the President of the Law Offices of Jose A. Dapena, P.A., and has a vast experience in civil litigation. He possesses a broad base knowledge in the areas of civil litigation, including personal injury litigation and insurance litigation, and is available to help clients and answer any questions regarding these matters.

The Law Offices of Jose A. Dapena, P.A., understands how difficult and frustrating it can be to communicate with insurance companies and to understand the legalities involved. He works hard from day one to provide his clients with the assistance they need in obtaining maximum compensation for their losses for their personal injury case.

With a staff of 17 friendly and knowledgeable people, they can help you to obtain the best result possible. They also assist in the complete claims process with regards to any loss or damage to personal property as well as compensation for any personal injury sustained. They will also protect their clients from the one-sided interests of insurance companies.

Even if we talk about a car crash, motorcycle or truck accident, they will provide you with a realistic assessment of your legal options and take the steps necessary to get you there.

If you need help and a fast response, the Law Offices of Jose A. Dapena have a 24 hour toll-free phone service available and you can call them at anytime so that their team can assist you.

Call (305) 662-4323 or send an online message to schedule your free initial consultation at one of their offices.

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