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Miami Bikram yoga, pilates, vinyasa, meditation

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Hot yoga, hot pilates, vinyasa, meditation at the Miami Bikram Hot Yoga House

What is Bikram Yoga?
Bikram Yoga is a sequence of 26 postures selected from Hatha Yoga, postures that have been proved to systematically work every part of your body. Hot yoga as it is called, allows you to help your different parts, like internal organs, veins, ligaments as well all the muscles in your body functioning at maximum.

The principle is quite simple. Each posture/component takes care of a different part of the body and together, the synergy of all these components leads to a healthier body and a healthier mind. The 26 postures help you deliver more oxygen trough your entire body, this leading to an improved health and an increased sense of well being.

The postures are designed to warm and stretch your muscles, ligaments, tendons, in the right order.

Why hot yoga?
Because all the exercises are taking place at about 95F to 100F. Yes, that's right.

What are the benefits?
Heavy sweating help flush the toxins from the skin and the heat allows you muscles and ligaments stretch better so you can practice the postures in a more safe way. The exercises will make you stronger, more flexible, will improve your breathing (helping conditions like asthma) and your heart because of the cardiovascular workout.  And it will help you focus your mind, leading to a better mental concentration.

Enjoy the Peace, Enjoy the Silence, Enjoy Yourself

The best way to enjoy the benefits of Hot Yoga is to practice it under expert's supervision. And, in Miami, we have the best instructors. You can find them at Miami Bikram Hot Yoga House.
And for a limited period of time you can enjoy their offer for only $49 for 30 days.
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Miami Bikram Hot Yoga House
2050 Coral Way #602 Miami, FL 33145
Phone: 305-856-9922

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