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Leo Valdes, D.C., Esq.

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Leo Valdes, D.C., Esq., personal-injury & insurance-litigation attorney

The Law Office of Leo Valdes, located in Miami, Florida, is the region's trusted firm for individuals who have been injured or have experienced the wrongful death of a loved one.  They also represent healthcare providers who seek reimbursement from insurance companies in regards to these cases.  Whether you're an individual or provider, speaking with a professional and understanding your rights is the first step to claiming a rightfully owed compensation.

As a licensed chiropractor in addition to working as an attorney, Leo Valdes knows what it takes to present a winning personal-injury case.  With extensive knowledge of medical records, exam results and circumstances that lead to injury or death, he understands what judges need to see in order to award proper compensation to his clients.  It's a unique and valuable perspective that works to his clients benefit by holding others accountable for their negligence.

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